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Life Is a Breeze

Breezy Bri

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Bri has the hots for her friend’s dad, Ryan. She knows she can get him to succumb to her if she shows up at his bedroom door. While everyone else is downstairs, Bri is in Ryan’s bedroom, looking to have some fun of her own. This game between Bri and Ryan has been going on for a while, and he knows it’s taboo to fuck his daughter’s friend, but with how good she looks and how badly she wants to get fucked, how could he resist? The petite cutie lets the older stud tear away her fishnet stockings. This act alone has her turned on and wet, but she is in heaven when Ryan rubs and fingers her pussy. They can both feel their stress melting away, not a worry in the world, but instead, their full focus is on each other. Ryan uses a vibrator on Bri’s clit to amplify the excitement before pulling out his cock. With her pussy as wet as it is, Ryan slides inside of Bri effortlessly. She looks fantastic riding him. Compared to his muscular build, her innocent stature turns Bri on even more. Bri puts Ryan’s cock in her mouth as he’s on the verge of busting his load - she wants to savor every last drop he can give her.

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