Free Porn Video feat. Isabella Nice

An Exxxtra Small Christmas Gift

Isabella Nice

An Exclusive Exxxtra Small Isabella Nice Scene

Chris hasn’t fucked for a season or two - not scoring enough’s made his Epic balls blue. But oh Ho Ho Ho, a Christmas delight, a package arrives in the dead of the night. Far from her home and from lands far away, Isabella shows up where the Epic man stays. Tiny and perfect, and cute as a mouse, a girlfriend is standing right there in his house. “I can not believe it! Oh joy, can this Be? An Exxxtra Small girlfriend arrived just for me!” He whips out his cock to show off what he’s got - she sucks, and she sucks like a good Christmas thot. Then, to the bedroom, the two lovers dash, so Chris can get lucky and tap that sweet ass. He squeezes her tight with his hands on her hips - she wants him to cum, a big load on her lips. “Oh fuck I’m cumming! I’ll give you the cream!” But then the sun rises, “Twas only a dream.” “Hey, Chris, wake up! There’s a present for you!” Soon, Chris might find that his dream has come true.

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